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ETSJ Volume 12 Number 2 Dec, 2021

The Environmental Technology and Science Journal (ETSJ) is devoted to the publication of papers which advance knowledge of practical and theoretical issues of the environmental technology. The aim of the journal is to provide an avenue for dissemination of academic research findings from various disciplines of the environment, engineering, pure and applied sciences, arts and social science, which have materials that emphasizes on environmental issues.



 S/N Paper Title   PDF Link
1. Critical Attributes for Selecting Contractors for Long-term Collaborative Relationships DOWNLOAD
2. Evaluating Risk Factors of Build-OperateTransfer Highway Projects in Nigeria DOWNLOAD
3. Challenges Encountered by Peri-Urban Women in Landed Property Ownership in Minna DOWNLOAD 
4. Evaluating Urban Sprawl and Land Consumption Rate in Ilorin Metropolis Using Multitemporal Landsat Imagery DOWNLOAD
5. Assessment of the Relationship between Community Services and Taxpayers’ Willingness to Pay Residential Property Tax in Lagos Metropolis DOWNLOAD
6. Comparative Assessment of SRTM and UAV-Derived Dem in Flood Modelling DOWNLOAD
7. Variation in Land Use Cover and Surface Temperature of Kubwa, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria DOWNLOAD
8. Development of a Forced Convection Electric Fish Drying Machine DOWNLOAD
9. Assessment of the Impact of Participation in Recreational Activities on Mental Health of Participants in Abuja DOWNLOAD
10. Safety Risk Assessment of Building Construction Work Items in Abuja DOWNLOAD
11. Challenges of Housing Development in the Federal Capital City, Abuja DOWNLOAD
12. Effects of Changing Climate Variables on Residential Building Fabrics in North Central Nigeria DOWNLOAD
13. Forceful Eviction and Non-Inclusive Gentrification: The Post-Occupational Assessment of Maroko Area, Lagos, Nigeria DOWNLOAD
14. Evaluating the Physical Properties of Potential Green Roof Growth-Media Compositions for Use in the Nigerian Built Environment DOWNLOAD
15. Assessment of the Psychological Dimension to Open Defecation in Ogun State DOWNLOAD
16 Appraisal of the Housing Delivery Mandate of Selected Government Agencies in Nigeria DOWNLOAD



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