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ETSJ Volume 11 issue 1 June, 2020

The Environmental Technology and Science Journal (ETSJ) is devoted to the publication of papers which advance knowledge of practical and theoretical issues of the environmental technology. The aim of the journal is to provide an avenue for dissemination of academic research findings from various disciplines of the environment, engineering, pure and applied sciences, arts and social science, which have materials that emphasizes on environmental issues.



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1. Strategies for Effective Utilisation of Information and Communication Technology in Quantity Surveying Service Delivery (5) DOWNLOAD
2. Evaluation of Potential Energy Savings and Emission Reductions from a Typical Building in a Nigerian University Campus (2) DOWNLOAD
3. Suitability of Unrefined Metakaolin and Gear inner Wire for the Production of Reactive Powder Concrete by A.G. Ibrahim DOWNLOAD
4. Stakeholders Perceptions on Causes and Effects of Delay on Educational Institutional Projects in Niger State by Isyaku et al DOWNLOAD
5. Assessment of Residential Housing Transformation in Oyo Town, Nigeria by Olubi R.A DOWNLOAD
6. Physico-Chemical Analysis of Ground Water for Domestic Use in Some Selected Communities in Minna by Saidu M. et al DOWNLOAD
7. Influence of Plain and Fibrous Concrete Composite on Creep Development A Review by Ogunbode et al DOWNLOAD
8. Analysis of the Determinants of Property Tax Liability Compliance of Rateable Hereditaments in Selected States in Niger (2) DOWNLOAD
9. Application for Automatic Estimation of Instrument Constant and Comparative Analyses of Linear Accuracy of Different To (2) DOWNLOAD
10. Assessing the Underlying Factors Influencing the Adoption of Technological Innovations in South African Facility Manag (3) DOWNLOAD
11. Evaluation of Waste and its Causes in Structural Design Process in South African Construction Industry by Aka et al DOWNLOAD
12. Evaluation of Electric Power Supply to Staff Residential Quarters in Ahmadu Bello University Main Campus, Zaria by M M Ibrahim et al DOWNLOAD
13. Quality Adequacy of Architectural Spaces and Elements of Design of Worship Places Reports from Male Students Hostel Mo (2) DOWNLOAD
14. Performance of Gear Inner Wire-Reinforced Reactive Powder Concrete made with Unrefined Metakaolin by A G Ibrahim DOWNLOAD
15. Strategies for Attaining Higher Risk Management Maturity by Highway Contractors in Nigeria by Bashir et al DOWNLOAD
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