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ETSJ Volume 9 number 2 June, 2018

The Environmental Technology and Science Journal (ETSJ) is devoted to the publication of papers which advance knowledge of practical and theoretical issues of the environmental technology. The aim of the journal is to provide an avenue for dissemination of academic research findings from various disciplines of the environment, engineering, pure and applied sciences, arts and social science, which have materials that emphasizes on environmental issues.



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1. Architects’ Perception on Spatial Design Considerations for Users in General Hospitals in Niger State Nigeria by Adedaoku et al DOWNLOAD
2. Socio-Economic Influence of Inter-Urban Travel Demands of Road Transport Passengers in Lagos Metropolis by Agunloye and Nwokoro DOWNLOAD
3. Evaluation of the service life of external paint finish in Public Residential Buildings in coastal climatic zone of Nigeria by Aluko et al DOWNLOAD
4. Adoption Level of Building Information Modelling by Selected Professionals in Kwara State by Anifowose et al DOWNLOAD
5. Implication of Rework on Selected Residential Building Projects in Lagos, Nigeria by Dosumu et al DOWNLOAD
6. The Potentials of Real Estate Investments in Growing the Nigerian Economy by Babatunde and Kemiki DOWNLOAD
7. Perception of Competences of Women in the Evolved and Emerging Roles of Quantity Surveying in Nigeria by Ali et al DOWNLOAD
8. An Assessment of the Risk Management Capability Level of Building Contractors by Yamusa et al DOWNLOAD
9. Experimental Study of Mortar Containing Steel Fibre from Waste Gear Inner Wire by Ibrahim et al DOWNLOAD
10. Professionals Perception of the Factors Causing Rework in Building Projects in Abuja by Nasiru et al DOWNLOAD
11. Improving Construction Forecasting Logistics Using Material Requirement Planning (MRP) Technology in Nigeria by Isah et al DOWNLOAD
12. Assessment of Land Use Change using Remote Sensing and GIS by Oladejo et al DOWNLOAD
13. Influence of Architectural Design Variables on Cost of Energy Consumption in Office Buildings in Minna by Saba et al DOWNLOAD
14. Analysis of Urban Crime in Maitumbi Neighbourhood, North-Central, Nigeria by Medayese et al DOWNLOAD
15. GIS Application for Suitability Assessment of Sites for Municipal Solid Waste Disposal in Kano Metropolis, Nigeria by Adegboyega DOWNLOAD
16. Physiological Effects of Contact with Mountain Landscape Compared with Urban Environment on Human Wellbeing by Ojobo DOWNLOAD
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